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Our Cape Canna team is derived of Board Certified physicians and licensed medical professionals who share the common passion of helping patients on their path to medical cannabis. Established in 2022, our team brings a level of commitment and guidance 

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Cape Canna of DE was founded in 2022 when the need for quality medical certification was stronger than ever.  Our staff & physicians take pride in offering a personalized experience for our patients. 

State Compliant Cannabis Clinics

We provide high quality medical cannabis education and are state compliant with by-laws & ordinances.  

Come see why so many patients choose Cape Canna of DE. 

Compassionate & Judgement free medical cannabis clinic.

Our mission is to provide quality care on each patient’s path to natural medicine.  Our exquisite team of physicians & staff offer compassion & discretion. We are passionate about helping you on your medical cannabis journey.

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Most frequent questions and answers

State of DE issues cards by mail within 2 weeks.

Once your medical card has been issued from the state, you can log in to the website & access a digital copy of your card.

Any Delaware Compassion Center.

No, your medical card is only valid for use in Delaware.

Contact the state of DE office and they can re-issue your card for a small fee.

Our patient specialists can discuss with you alternate options.

You can contact your physician’s office and request a copy to upload or we can assist in getting them directly with a signed medical release form.

Our patient specialists can discuss your options to get updated medical records.

No problem, the program will accept records from another state as long as they meet the timeline requirements.

Delaware issued driver’s license or ID & medical records stating your qualifying condition and dated in the last 12 months.